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How to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen

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After a home, the car is the most valuable asset anyone can own. This makes sense to protect your car from the burglars. Usually, most people don’t think about the theft prevention as the modern cars are already equipped with the highly advanced locks and other security equipment to protect it from getting stolen. As a professional automotive locksmith, I understand the risks involved with cars and would like to share with you some knowledge about preventing your cars from getting stolen.

  • Keep tracks of your keys

Most people make the mistake of hiding their spare car keys under the wheel-well. This is not a secret anymore as the thieves know where you may have hidden the car key. This is why the first questions police will as you during a theft is “Where you kept your car spare keys?” Similar to hiding your home keys under the doormat, car thieves have caught on to this trick and the spare keys can be misused easily by these thieves.

  • Secure your vehicle

Another great way to protect your car from the miscreants is securing it with additional anti-theft gadgets. Use anti-theft alarms to know whenever someone would try to break-in your car lock. A professional auto locksmith can help you understand the benefits of using additional security gadgets for the car. If there is someone who recently purchased a car, make sure to pass this valuable car theft prevention tip along.

  • Don’t leave car running

Experts claim that nearly half of the vehicle theft cases could have been easily avoided if the vehicle owner took reasonable precautions. And turning off your vehicle is the best thing anyone can do to protect the vehicle. We all have the habit to turn on the vehicle then head back inside our home to top off our coffee. This can be a great mistake, hence should be avoided for the safety of your vehicle.

  • Use tracking devices

Another important considerations, in addition to keeping spare keys with a car locksmith, is installing a good GPS device to follow your car after it is stolen. This device can be a great support to protect your vehicle. The manufacturing companies also offer in-car communication as well, making these devices an added benefit to your driving experience. Also, these devices allow you to disable a car remotely if they know the car has been stolen.

  • Bottom line

Car theft is a common problem these days, and quite a serious one. And since police can’t be available every time to protect your vehicle from the miscreants, it is suggested to use the above-mentioned tips to protect your vehicle by adding an additional layer of security. Always lock all your car doors, keep your windows up whenever you are going away from the vehicle and follow basic common sense. This will help keep the miscreants at bay and save you from the additional expenses of hiring an automotive locksmith.