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December 14, 2017
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December 14, 2017

5 Places You Should Never Hide Your Home Keys

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You think you’re smart enough to be fool the burglars with your special place to hide your house keys, don’t be so sure!

We all have some common places where we would hide the spare keys, and almost everyone can make the right guess. Hence, it’s not smart to leave your keys in these places. In order to help you stay sure about the safety of your house, we’d like to share some common places where you should never hide your house keys so you don’t make the mistake that most people do usually.

1) Underneath a welcome mat

This is the first place to come in someone’s mind when looking for your house keys, even a kid can make a right guess. You’ve likely seen this happen countless times in the movies, so why to give a chance to the robbers to have an easy access inside your home? Do this and you’re basically asking for someone to break in.

2) In an awkwardly placed fake rock

Fake rocks can be a great choice to hide keys, but all too often we see fake rock placement is so unnatural that it may give a hint to the thieves. So, if you’re going to hide a key in a fake rock, make sure that the rock is not looking unnaturally placed, so it doesn’t look out of place.


3) Under a porch flower pot

It may seem a smart choice to hide a spare key under a flower pot than the welcome mat; it’s still a go-to area for a would-be thief. The thieves are likely to search underneath anything on the front porch, whether it’s a welcome mat, flower pot, chair, etc.

4) Anywhere near the front door

Any place near the front door is the first place that thieves will look if they want to gain access to your home. So, try hiding your house keys somewhere at a distance to make things difficult for them. It may save you from great loss.

5) Your wallet

If anyone steals your wallet, he (or she) will automatically have the access to your home. This is a burglar’s dream come true.

If, in any case, you lose your house keys then make sure to call a professional and trustworthy locksmith right away. There are many locksmith companies in the market, delivering excellent services to the clients, using the latest and highly advanced technology to make the keys similar to the ones that you would buy from the lock manufacturing company.