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5 Helpful Tips to Prevent Locking Children in the Car

5 Helpful Tips to Prevent Locking Children in the Car

As a responsible adult, the worst thing you can do is to lock your child inside the car or get yourself locked outside it. Accidental locking a child in the car is the most horrific thing any parent can imagine in a lifetime as it can also lead to death due to suffocation. Being an expert in the field of car locking systems, we understand what the consequences may be of locking a child inside the car and hence would like to share with you some preventive measures that may be taken.

Below are top-five tips to avoid locking your children in the car:

1.  Make Sure Your Kid is with You Always

Sometimes you may want to go to a local supermarket for a quick purchase leaving your child inside the car assuming it is going to take only a few minutes, but you end up buying a whole pile of groceries. In such conditions, you may also forget that you have locked your child inside the car. So, always make sure you take your kid with you, no matter how lesser time it is going to take.


2. Don’t Leave Keys within the Reach of Your Child

These days, auto locks are quite sensitive and even your five-year-old kid can rotate it to get locked. Even when you’re at home, auto-lock makes it possible for a child to lock them in a car. So, every time you get out of the car, make sure you take the keys so you can unlock the door even if it accidentally locks down. Also, you can consider keeping a spare car key with you and inside the house so you can avoid such situation.

3. Instruct Your Child Caregiver

If you are not at home, make sure your child caregiver is instructed to give you a call if your child is absent for the day. Maybe you’ve headed to your workplace without knowing about your tiny-tot having fun on the back seat. This is the most dangerous type of lock-in. As your car may be there in the sunlight the whole day, it can life-threatening.

4. Check Your Car Properly

Every time you leave your car locked, make a habit of checking every seat properly to avoid that you are not leaving anything locked inside it. It is not always that you leave your child locked inside the car, but also maybe some important items like your phone or wallet on the floor in front of or next to the car seat.

5. Have the Help Ready

You never know when you may be stuck in a situation of a child lockout. So, it is always better to keep help ready by having a Locksmith Tampa number with you. A professional expert can help you deal with such situations easily.