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4 Beneficial Tips to Fix Jammed Door Lock

Tips to Fix Jammed Door Lock

Let’s admit it; we all hate the situation when we have to deal with a jammed door lock especially when we reach home after a tiring day at work. While it may be a great choice to call a professional locksmith to take control, but there may be times when you have to deal with it yourself.

Keeping such situations in mind, we’d like to share some tips to help you deal with the jammed door locks.

1.)  Try Lubricating the Lock

The best tip anyone can try to deal with a jammed door lock is to lubricate it with the quality lubricant. This usually works as most of the times door locks get jammed due to rust and the lubricants allow the lock mechanism to work as expected. Its mechanism is designed to work with smooth movement between two metal surfaces without attracting grime and the lubricant makes it possible easily.


2.)  Heat the Frozen Lock

There may be times when the door locks get jammed due to the changing climate. When frozen, the lock mechanism is unable to function as the cold temperature causes locks to freeze. The best way to deal with the frozen locks instantly is to use a blow dryer to thaw the door lock. This is an easy DIY technique to deal with such situation. While it may take some time, but it will surely save you a great amount of money that you would pay to the locksmith. Use the DE-icer on your locks to resolve the problem.

3.)  Diagnose the Misaligned Locks

If you have been using the same door lock for quite a long time, there are chances that the door lock is jammed due to the misaligned mechanism. The misalignment prevents the lock from smoothly opening and/or locking, in the way that it is supposed to. In order to deal with the misalignment, you can examine the lock and try and figure out what might have caused the misalignment. The diagnose allows you to check if there is anything blocking the throat of the strike plate. Also, it also gives you the chance to change your locks. Try identifying if there is any faulty part and get it repaired with a local locksmith.

4.)  Oil the Rusted Locks

It is a very common problem that occurs at the homes that are old or have not replaced the door locks for a long time. After a certain period of time, locks begin to rust, especially if they have been installed, and in use, for extended periods of time. In this case, try using oil with the help of a bottle with a long-necked tip. Hold the tip of the bottle up to the lock and squeeze the bottle to pour oil into the lock. It can be a great help and instantly let you get into your home without waiting.